A way to live colourful life: Activities are the part of life that makes us enthusiastic and energetic and lead us to live life in a joyful manner.

Education is incomplete without activities. These activities explore the talent of young learners, identify their hidden potential and encourage them to participate and develop healthy competition. These are the medium to make students attached to the environment of the college and feel like family members of the group.

Welcome Day:

A New Environment, a new start, and a new day of college are always full of hesitation for newcomers. To remove hesitation, and to make them familiar with college life, the welcome day is celebrated. On this day lecturers and students introduce each other. New Comers are welcomed by old students in the traditional way. They share their experiences, newcomers introduce themselves, and show their talent in cultural programmes.

One special contest is also organized to select the most talented students in college, who are awarded Miss Fresher / Miss Rawat. So this is the way to get a brief introduction to college also.

The Focus of Welcome day for new students is to get in touch with the campus and surrounding community. While on-campus students will learn about the support services and resources available, residences, and libraries. By the time you leave welcome day, you will feel prepared and ready to start your semester new session at Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College.

English Language Enrichment Programme:

In the modern era, English has the most significant place in educational arena. For every job, English Speaking Skills must be developed properly. To develop Spoken English Skills among students' personalities, grooming and Spoken English Programme are organized in College. Modern techniques are used and experts are invited to make students well-versed in Spoken English.

These special workshops are regularly organized by the college to make them confident and self-reliant. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam says English is necessary as all original works of Science are in English.

We offer a wide range of English-speaking courses for students as these skills are significant for the success of an individual. Bearing this in mind, we have taken up the mission of breaking down the barriers that hinder the progress of an individual. Specialist tutors develop a personalized programme of study and full support to improve the English language skills at the college.

Orientation Programs:

After leaving school when a student enters the world of college. It seems totally different from school life. They are mostly a little bit anxious, and fear-filled, and with a lot of queries regarding the new atmosphere. At that time they need proper guidance, which is provided by expert counselors via orientation programmes. In their programmes can find different aspects of your career. Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College provides the chance to express themselves in this large world by developing their confidence.

Initially, college can cause much anxiety in the heart of a new college student because of all the unknowns - 'What should my major goal in life be? Will I make any friends? How will I find all of my classes? Whom do I ask if I have a question? 'New student orientation programs are designed to guide students in answering all of these questions. Prior to the beginning of classes, students are given an overview of the complete realm of university life, from academics to social activities, through a period of days referred to as orientation. Orientation Programme provides students the opportunity to meet other incoming students beginning their first year of this College. The programs, speakers, and activities scheduled for the two-day Orientation Program will focus on the issues and resources that are most important to new students. Orientation Programme is also a great way to find out how you can become involved on campus and speak to the current. The orientation programme is followed by micro-teaching classes. During this session, Teaching skills, Teaching Plans, Blue Print are developed in pupil teachers.

Youth week:

Strong Youth Strong Nation.

India is a country that is full of diversity. To keep youngsters attached to diversity, cultural activities are organized in Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College. They express their talent as poets, dancers, artists, and performers. These activities help to develop various talents of students.

Healthy competition is the part of youth week that instills confidence among students. During this week intercollege contests are also organized. All arrangements are done by students only under the guidance of lecturers. Traditional dances are also performed during this week as Ghoomer, and Garba. etc. Which reflects a glimpse of colourful India.

Youth week's vision is: 'A country where young people are vibrant and optimistic through being supported and encouraged to take up challenges. 'Youth week aims to create a society that values young people and affirms their diversity. The week highlights the amazing things young people do all year. Youth week is celebrated at Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College every year during which various academic competitions are held all the position holders including those who won second and third positions receive prizes.

'Social Awareness Programmes':

‘Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows’ college emphasis inculcating values respect towards the nation and social awareness. For that purpose, students are motivated to be involved in social awareness programmes like blood donation camps, cleanliness campaigns, anti-tobacco campaigns, etc.

Blood donation programmes are organized every year in college. Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person i.e., the gift of life. Rawat Mahila B.Ed. The college organized a blood donation camp in December at College Campus. Students and Lecturers donate their blood for a good reason of course to help the needy. The volunteers demonstrate overwhelming enthusiasm while donating blood for the cause of humanity. Their spirit of social work and urge to serve the needy were praised by the organizers. Every year our nation requires about 4 crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 40 lakh units of blood are available. There is a constant need for a regular blood supply because blood can be stored for only a limited time before use. Regular blood donations by a sufficient number of healthy people are needed to ensure that safe blood will be available whenever and wherever it is needed.

For the Cleanliness Campaign rally and skits are organized. In the anti-tobacco campaign, students organized a huge rally to make people aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. Also to celebrate Human Rights Day, a World Aids Day rally was organized.

Placement Cell:

"The Best way to predict the Future is to create it" - Abraham Lincoln

Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College believes in creating job generators than job seekers for it provides better job facilities and career guidance by specialists. The placement cell is set up to provide students with the right direction.

The placement cell of Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College has taken upon itself the fulfilling task of assisting the students in bettering their career prospects susbtantially by providing them with need-based and result, oriented training programs that help them achieve their needs. This process is ongoing through modern training facilities and innovative methodology which work to satisfy the objective of providing career guidance to students, coordination with prospective external agencies/industries/companies and suitably enriching the experience on both sides.

Educational Excursions:

Knowledge with practical aspects remains permanent in students' minds. Educational Tours are the best ways to develop the thinking skills of students and to make them aware of the outer world.

These tours are an interesting medium to provide knowledge of natural surroundings outside of the classes where they can explore their minds and get wings of new thoughts to fly in the sky of education.

Educational trips in India and abroad are regularly organized to inculcate personal and professional values including teamwork, resourcefulness, leadership, and an ability to handle unforeseen situations. On these trips, students also get an opportunity to explore and gain fascinating insights into the rich heritage, artistic traditions, and diverse culture of India and abroad. Educational trips for all the streams have been organized to Mount Abu, Agra, Udaipur, Kullu Manali, Goa, etc.

Annual Day Celebration:

Annual Day is a glimpse of all activities held throughout the year; It is the day to award talents of the year, it is the day of performers and it is the day of recalling all memories of the year through cultural programmes wherein most of the students participate in the function.

Annual Function is celebrated by this college for completing yet another successful year. Students showcase their talents through amazing performances in various fields such as folk and western dance, group and solo song presentations, laughter shows, qawwali, one-act plays, etc. Spectators enjoyed every single performance and encouraged the best ones.

College Magazine:

College Magazine is a glimpse of the activities and talent of young learners. Students get opportunities to express their views through poems, articles, and other creations.

Students' emotions and thoughts are an asset to the college. In Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College is published in a very creative and unique manner.

The college publishes an annual magazine that reflects the achievements, progress, and activities of various departments. It contains articles on various topics in many languages i.e. English, Hindi, and others. Students are encouraged to contribute articles to the magazine.

College News Letter:

The Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College publishes a newsletter every three months. The letter includes each & every programme and celebration during this period.

Spiritual Seminars:

God, our creator has stored within our minds & personalities great potential strength and ability. Prayers help us tap into and develop these powers.

In this materialistic world, everyone is busy getting solutions to their problems. Everyone is in search of peace. Nowadays students are also surrounded by worries, regarding studies and depression also, so we organized meditation camps and lectures on spirituality by experts. Through it, learners can increase concentration and can get rid of worries.

As college focuses on spiritual development it enhances devotion toward God and guides true direction to students thus they can face every challenge of life easily. They can have faith in themselves and get strength which is a must for success.

SUPW Camp:

SUPW- Socially Useful Productive Work is a subject in B.Ed. Syllabus. The camp includes a number of vocational education activities.

During the camp, students learn to work as a team. Camp also helps to develop individual skills.

The activities in the camp help the teacher trainees to develop healthy attitudes towards manual labor and cultivate the spirit of social service.

Sports Day:

Every year the college conducts the Annual Sports Meet, a 4-day mega event of the college.

College sports teach students to participate in leadership and responsibilities.

Sports are essential to having a fun time at college and for creating memories