Science Club:

The Science Club has the objective of cultivating awareness and consciousness of science and for this, it organizes various events in an interesting and orderly manner under proper leadership and guidance. The function of this club is to familiarize the student with scientific research, encouragement of critical thinking, and the involvement of students in scientific activities.

  • National Science Day.
  • Poster Making Competition.
  • Quiz Competition.
  • Seminar and Guest Lectures.
  • Tree Plantation.
  • Health Awareness Programme.
Commerce Club:

To meet the challenging needs of the corporate world environment, the commerce club was created besides bringing forth theoretically sound students but also equipping and empowering them to face practical situations. The activities of the club include Business quizzes, Group discussions, PowerPoint Presentations, Guest Lectures, and Industrial visits, to improve the communication skills of students.

The Commerce Club involves various activities namely:

  • Quiz Mania.
  • Guest Lectures/Seminars.
  • Tally Workshop.
  • Orientation Program.
  • Powerpoint presentation Competition.
  • Industrial Visits.
Humanities Club:

The Humanities club strives to provide a community for those majoring in the humanities and for those who simply have an interest in humanities. This club works to promote an understanding to help people understand that the humanities are more than just a limited study of literature; it includes its global presence in art, history, music, theatre, and much more.

  • Guest Lectures, Workshops.
  • Essay/Creative Writing / Short Story writing competitions.
  • Poems, Couplets, Idioms / Prose competition.
  • Exhibition and competitions.
  • Visit Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centers.
Green Club:

Green Club focuses mainly on how to motivate people for recycling eco-friendly environment. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan says no to plastics, reusability of products, paper bags at the canteen, and soft copies in place of hard copies are some of the important initiatives taken by this committee. The committee has student representatives who voluntarily join the committee to make their contribution in making our environment eco-friendly. Students volunteer work under the banner of the Green club for the following activities.

  • Tree plantation.
  • Awareness program on Biodiversity Conservation.
  • Awareness about the pathogenic aspect of soil and water and their impact on health.
  • Awareness program and community participation in water conservation.
  • World Environmental Day, Plantation day, celebration.
Creative Club:

"Art needs no words for expressions"

The Art and Craft club aims to provide the students with a runway from where their creativity and imagination take flight. The club believes that art is not just a medium of expression but is in fact, a way of life. The club hopes to equip the students with the skill sets that give a direction to their artistic impulse by conducting workshops on Cooking, Fashion & Grooming, Mehndi Art, Best out of waste, Nail Art, Diya making, Face Painting, Rakhi making, Jewellery making & Paper quilling, Tie & Dye, Craft exhibitions, programs, and many more such activities.

Communication and Personality Enhancement Club:

The club helps the student to identify their innate skills and to match them with recent trends. The objective of this club is to nurture a confident personality which is achieved through polishing communication skills both verbal and non-verbal. Effective self-presentation is the key to success and career building. The club enhances the student’s skills through proper guidance and training. It includes various activities such as:

  • Skill development workshops.
  • Spoken English sessions.
  • Debate, extempore, speeches.
  • Powerpoint presentations.
  • Group discussions and mock interviews.
  • Visits to companies and industries.
Red Ribbon Club:

Being a voluntary program, the RRC aims at harnessing the potential of youth by equipping them with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention and building their capacities as peer educators to spread the right messages to our community through various activities like:

  • AIDS Day celebration.
  • Voluntary Blood Donation.
  • Awareness of HIV and AIDS through film shows and Street Theatre.
  • Awareness of HIV and AIDS through Poster making sessions.
  • Awareness of HIV and AIDS through a slogan writing competition