Dear Learners,

‘Perfection, dedication, and devotion, Renames Teacher as ‘Guru’

Teaching is a profession that creates a spectrum for all other professions. It means it is adorable and every teacher is respectable.

Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College is the place where we inculcate values provide a healthy environment, and introduce innovative teaching methods to explore one's soul so that a true teacher can be made. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning. This college is an effort to provide quality education to female candidates so that they can be self-dependent, true guides, and motivators. We apply new techniques and innovative teaching patterns to bring out great artists. Teaching is the greatest medium to illuminate the human mind &spirit.

This college is strongly determined to develop this art among pupil teachers. Always, remember the lines of Kabir "Guru Bin Gayan na upje" When you are going to be the medium of enlightening others so train yourself with devotion because of Rawat Mahila B.Ed. College is the perfect place for this. As it is said by Einstein.

I salute this great profession.
Narendra Rawat